I received my trophies and everything looks great. Hope all is well, and our fish and game said it was the best paper work they have seen. Thank you so much and please you me as a reference. Thank you.

~ Matt Vejar

I just popped the cover off of the crate of mounts that you sent me and everything looks wonderful! I had them shipped to the plant where I work and everyone including the owner came out to the loading dock to watch me open it. Everyone was impressed by the wonderful job that was done to package them and it seemed every person found some detail about a mount that amazed them. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

~ Paul Uhlig

I wanted to let you know that the taxidermy finally arrived to the US a little over a week ago and was cleared by US Wildlife and Customs. The original documents were finally located in Atlanta about 10 days ago and hence passed Wildlife and Customs inspection without issue. But most importantly, I wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am with the quality of all of the work!!!!! It made that trip seem like just yesterday when I opened the crate. I had been saving money for almost 40 years to make that first trip so it had a lot meaning attached to it not to mention a lifetime of anticipation. I only have 3 words for that Kudu: WOW, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL!!! I have referred some folks to hunt with Andri in May 2014 and I have also referred you for the taxidermy work as well. I will be returning in March and hope to have some good luck again. I also wanted to thank you again for your timely responses, professionalism and willingness to help get new permits when we were having all of our issues in Atlanta when original documents had been lost. It speaks volumes about who you are as people and your commitment to your customers even after your work is long finished. Mike Rex was just as responsive and helpful.

~ Anonymous

I receive all the trophies. You did beautiful job. Thank you.

~ Sebastian

We picked up our Trophies last Monday. Everything looks so beautiful. The Giraffe is awesome and looks great in our pool room. You all did a wonderful job on it. Thank you for everything.

~ Richard & Bonnie McClure

We received our crate today. Everything looked great! Thanks for all of your help. Thank you.

~ Randy McGee

My trophies were delivered today . I have them up and they look great. Thank you for everything.

~ Jeff Schmitz

Finally got my crate last Thursday and took it home on Friday. After an hour and a half of removing animals and two hours hanging them, just wanted to say they all look great! Forgot just how big “Lucky” was until we unfolded him and spread him out. The highlight of the night was when I gave mom her rug. She was estatic and couldn’t believe, I did that for her. Once again thanks for everything and we will see you next year.

~ James Stewart

Dear Rudolph & Caroline,
Sammy and I want to thank you for your help with our mounts which we received last week. We could not be more pleased!
From the personal touch, the packing and help with the shipment and the excellent, artistic preparation of each animal – you did a top notch job!
I have all of my mounts on the walls in my house and I made temporary easels for Sammy’s. We are having about 100 friends over for an open house on the 10th of April. So many people have been asking – we decided this is the easiest way to share the excitement. The next problem will be finding room in Sammy’s small place for his mounts…
Thank you again for all of your help.
Take care,
Bill & Sammy

~ William Weller

Caroline, I am equally impressed with my trophies, just taking a little longer to get up on the wall as it takes 3 people to lift them. Look forward to catching up when we are in SA again in 2018 & 2019Kind Regards

~ Newell Lock

Dear Caroline

Thank you for an update

We had an un-boxing a couple of weeks of the 2016 lot and they all up on the wall.  They look absolutely magnificent and I am particularly chuffed with my wife kudu and the pedestal zebra mount – simply outstanding. Please pass our thanks on to the team for their very high quality work – it is much appreciated. Three of us will be out again in June next year for another hunt so I look forward to catching up then

Kind Regards

~ Jeff Martin